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Silly Senpai - EPK 4290

Silly Senpai - EPK BIO: The phrase �senpai�, is rooted in Japanese tradition and pertains to the �senpai-kohai system� which underlies almost all interactions. Senpai (??) most often suggests �master� or �teacher�. musician Michael Curry, regarded by enthusiasts as Foolish Senpai, delivers his introspective rhymes with a exclusive design. He commenced his musical job in 2018 whilst living in Japan. When he moved back stateside, he reunited together with his longtime close friend to sort the rap-duo �Kings Don�t Die�. In 2019, as an impartial artist he has unveiled (three) solo projects and (one) team undertaking. Silly Senpai has labored with marketplace artist that include Designs P, Lecrae, Nature, GemStones, and KJ-52. lyrical He is regular perfecting his craft although being genuine to himself as an artist. He aims to inspire many others although telling his tale by his audio.
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